note: due to the rising prices of metals, we are no longer stocking any gold, silver or jewelry, so all work will be custom. Shown below are previously sold pieces, which can be made, or similar again, as a custom order. You may supply your own metals (old broken chains etc.) if you wish.

Medieval style Posy Rings!

These are shown flat here. Available in Sterling Silver or 14K gold. Silver, $45 each (shown round above), Gold request prices....depending on size. "I Love Thee", "Autre Ne Vuiell" (you and no other) and "Thou Art My Heart" Please state proper size needed.

Thanks for visiting. In addition to historic marbling I make jewelry based on historic pieces. I work in high karat gold, fine silver and sterling silver. Many of my pieces are one of a kind, though lately I have been making molds of the pieces before the final stone setting phase, so the piece can be easily re-made, and at much lower cost. Since the originals are made entirely from scratch......alloying the gold, actually making all the wire and the granules for granulation, the pieces can be quite time consuming. The chains often take 30 - 40 hours to finish!Most of the jewelry is for sale, and I will also make custom designs on request. If you would like to learn more, please e-mail at the link below. A favorite are the Medieval style Posy Rings. In the Middle Ages in Europe "Posy" rings were tokens of friendship or affection. They had sayings or little inscriptions on or inside them, often in calligraphic lettering. These rings, while not reproductions of early rings, are based upon the simple design of the period, and the sayings are authentic sayings taken from the genuine article. The rings can be made in silver or any karat of gold.I like to open the jewelry history books then close them and make a piece based on what I found, rather than a direct copy. This way the feel of the period is retained, but it is an original piece. The periods range from Egyptian, about 3000BC, forward to Byzantine, Etruscan, Early Roman, The Dark Ages and into Medieval and Renaisance......though sometimes I do something thoroughly modern as a custom piece, my real love is the ancient jewelry.Below can be seen a sampling of currently available handmade jewelry items. If you would like information and prices, feel free to e-mail about any of the items. If any items are sold similar ones can be made at approcimately the same cost. Prices vary with current gold and gemstone rates.

FAIRY TALE CASTLE with faint pink diamonds ,above, ($2250, also available in silver with or without chain, staring at $175); STARDIPPER Pendant, (The Big Dipper Or Ursa Majors constellation) shown above with diamond stars, in Ster;ling silver starting at $185, request price for gold.

Star Ruby Granulated Ring (sold), Star Ruby Medieval Pendant(sold), Roman Bezel Rings (sold) fancy color sapphire & diamond below, $1275)

Medieval Style Posy Rings (sold), Pink & Purple Sapphire Rings (sold), 13thC. Style Ring Brooch (sold)

Roman Granulated & Bezel Rings (tanzanite sold,diamond & colored sapphire sold, bezel ring w/diamond sold), Medieval Foliation Rings(sapphire & diamond at top sold; pink sapphire sold; sapphire sold), Medieval Posy Rings (star ruby sold; emerald sold), Amor A Friend's Gift (sold)

Medieval Scalloped Bezel & Posy Rings (pink tourmaline sold), "Amor"; blue tourmaline at bottom sold), Leaved Posy Rings (Brownish pink diamond sold, diamond sold; iolite sold); Granulated Rings pink tourmaline sold, diamond, sold)

Emerald Granulated Ring (sold), Egyptian Style Pendant (sold), Braided Tourmaline Ring (sold)

Diamond & Iolite Pendant (sold); Amethyst Pendant & Gemstone Chain Pendant sold, chain (Sold); Diamond Lunula & Chain (lunula (sold), heavy rope chain (sold)

Granulated Garnet & Pearl Pendant sold, Multicolor Sapphire Pendant & Chain (pendant sold, chain (sold), 22K & Silver Pennanular Brooch With Granulation (sold)


Pennanular Brooch In Silver sold,, 9th Century Byzantine Cross (sold - handwoven rope chains (sold), Cast 14K Gold & Silver Pennanular Brooch (14K gold sold), in all silver (sold)

Ancient Bee Coins Framed For Beekeeper, Genevieve


Please inquire for prices, as the metals markets keep fluctuating

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